Hello, and thanks for checking out Echo Return.

I have spent most of my adult life collecting music-making gear from Craigslist, eBay, and the occasional yard sale. My collecting has become a bit of a problem… but it’s a really fun problem. Fact is I spend more time learning how my latest gear works than I do actually producing music. Echo Return exists in part to help justify having acquired all this stuff that I really love, and cannot bear to part with.

I am more interested in strange sounds than good sounds, and the selection of gear featured here reflects this. Strange gear begets strange sounds—and equally important, it often begets strange workflow. In my experience, using equipment that forces me into a new workflow has positive consequences on my creative process.. This yields results that I simply would not get using more traditional or popular equipment.

Often times, when considering a purchase, I found myself unable to find any YouTube demos on some of this admittedly obscure stuff. So, I’ve decided to create demo videos of these products myself, so that like-minded collectors can make more informed purchasing decisions. Also, it’s fun.

Don’t Fear Weird Gear.


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