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Sequentix Cirklon: Live Jam 12-2-13

Live jam on Sequentix Cirklon, 12-2-13.

Gear used:
Sequentix Cirklon
Roland TR-707 (Circuit bent)
Roland TR-727 (Circuit bent)
Ladyada x0xb0x
Yamaha AN-200
Yamaha DX-200
Alesis 3630 Compressor
Electrix Warp Factory vocoder
Novation A-Station
Yamaha MEP4
TC Electronic M-300 stereo delay
Line6 Filter Pro
PreSonus Studio One DAW

PreSonus Studio One is used for audio recording, compression, and reverb. No MIDI.

This is my first live jam on the Cirklon. All sequences created in Cirklon. MIDI sent to Ladyada x0xb0x is also sent to Yamaha MEP-4, which is sending three MIDI-delays of this sequence to the Novation A-Station, each on separate octaves.

AN-200 signal is fed through Alesis 3630, gate is triggered by rim shot sound from the Roland TR-707. The Yamaha AN-200 is then routed through Filter Pro and M-300. Setting the Cirklon’s pattern to “Brownian” makes for some great, unpredictable-but-musically-relevant gating effects.

Yamaha DX-200 signal is fed through Electrix Warp Factory with no formant input, for creepy robot chanting sounds.

Pseudorandom drum “improvisation” is created by a track on the Cirklon where toms and additional snares have a 30% chance of triggering per step.

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